How To Hold 3 FASTPASSES Within 10 Minutes of Arriving at California Adventure + Where to Go Immediately After

UPDATED June 2016

This is actually quite an easy thing to do, but not many people know it’s possible.

Within 10 minutes of entering the park, you could be holding 2 FASTPASSES and a lot of your day will be set up.

OR……you could be holding 3 if you want to see Frozen – Live at the Hyperion Theater. Check out my post, Frozen – Live at the Hyperion + How to Meet Anna and Elsa, if you’re interested. The 3 FASTPASSES in 10 minutes are possible if you skip meeting Anna and Elsa in the plan designed in that post. 

Follow these steps to make it happen.

For the basic 2 FASTPASSES, follow this plan:

Always arrive well before the slated opening time. Meaning, if the park is supposed to open at 8:00am, be there between 7 and 7:30am. The park will often let guests onto Buena Vista Street 30 minutes prior to opening.

Have this map saved to your phone so you know how to navigate the park. As with all FASTPASSES, I recommend one person in your group be in charge of them. One person should hold theme park tickets because you will need the tickets to pull FASTPASSES. Allowing everyone to hold his or her own can cause confusion and you’ll risk losing some – especially if kids are holding their tickets. Everyone in your party will need to be present and in the park, but they do not have to be present to pull FASTPASSES. Have one adult stay with kids somewhere and have another adult pull passes.


dca copy


First is Radiator Springs Racers (RSR).

Go here to get your FASTPASS. There will likely be a line. Get in line – it moves quickly.


Pass #1:


Note: RSR FASTPASSES are not distributed until official park opening, so if you have Magic Morning, I recommend visiting other attractions until it’s time to grab RSR. Keep an eye on the line (which forms near It’s Tough To Be a Bug Theatre) and feel free to get in line if it looks like it’s building.

Next, walk into the Grizzly Peak Airfield for your World of Color return ticket.


Look for this sign:


Pass #2:


By this time, you could be holding two FASTPASSES and your morning should be set up. If you are interested in seeing Anna Elsa, go there next. The lines are thickening for this meet-n-greet and will only continue to grow. Find more in my Frozen Fun post before visiting if this is of interest to you.

Also consider going to Toy Story Mania as soon as possible. This line builds quickly and has no FASTPASS. You do NOT want to be in this line mid-day, especially if it’s warm. Check the map, above, for how to get to Toy Story Mania shortly after grabbing FASTPASSES for RSR and World of Color. IF you somehow happen to get in that line later in the day, I recommend only doing so with a glass of wine or Xanax. Your patience will be tested.

While waiting for your first FASTPASS ride, RSR, enjoy Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree in Cars Land, Ariel’s Undersea Adventure on Paradise Pier and anything in A Bug’s Land.

Some notes:

  • If you are staying at the Grand Californian, grab World of Color on your way in so that you don’t have to backtrack. The machines for World of Color are near the Grand’s direct access entrance to the park.
  • Don’t actually run from one location to the other. You can walk quickly and accomplish all of this within about 10 minutes. The day I tested this out and photographed it was a Saturday in June. So, even at peak times, it works.
  • Radiator Springs Racers is the most popular ride in the park. If you don’t care for it, choose another attraction to take its place.
  • General FASTPASS information can be found in a previous post.
  • If you have a “runner” that is going to grab passes, take kids to Monsters Inc to see if they’re “opening” the attraction with the scream contest. This is an easy way to keep kids busy and have fun while others are doing the work. Find out more about that in a previous post.

As always, leave me a comment with any questions you have!

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  1. Hi Casey! We’ll be at Disneyland next week for 3 days (M-W) with a park hopper. How hard will it be to get FP for RSR and ride TSMM if we go to DCR on an early magic hour day and we don’t have early entry? Would it be better to forego our magic morning hour at DLR on Tuesday to enter DCR on equal footing with everyone else? Or just arrive early before regular opening at DCR and make a beeline to get RSR FP once we hit the park? Thanks for all your help!!

  2. This is a great plan that I will definitely utilize, thank you. I was told to get the BLUEsection for the World of Color. What if I do t get that at first. Can I go back and get it again if I end up with a different color? Why are your recommendations.

  3. Hi Casey, thank you for posting such helpful and thorough information! I would like your opinion on what order I should obtain Fastpasses at DCA for 1) Frozen, 2) WoC and 3) RSR. There will be two families: one family will obtain all three and the other family will skip Frozen.

    Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi Casey,
    Is the Aladdin show still on when we get there 26 September onwards?
    Also we are staying at a DLR hotel so when we have our early hour at DCA can we ride Radiator Springs and Toy Story Mania at this time – you only mention getting FPs for them not actually riding them so am wondering if they are not open in that early hour?

  5. Hi Casey,
    Thanks for all the amazing info! One question, my husband and I are going to Disneyland and California Adventure on July 9th, so I am going to get the one day park hopper ticket. My favorite ride at Disneyworld is Tower of Terror, is it still open at California Adventure and does it have the Fastpass option?

    Thanks so much!

  6. Going to disneyland and california adventure june 8-9. First time for all of us. What are fast passes and could u help me plan out days so time isnt wasted? Thank you

  7. Hi Casey,

    Thank you for the amazing information! I may be at Disney overload, but now I’m a little confused: magic hours, extra hours, fast pass, reserved pass, etc. Could you please help me out with this scenario: We will be going to California Adventure on a Tuesday and staying at a Disney hotel so we will get the extra hour.

    Our only goals for CA Adventure are Radiator Springs and meeting Elsa & Anna. How do we do this? Should we ride RS first thing at 8A? Or go see E & A first thing then pull RS Fast Passes at 9A? (We don’t need WOC Fast Passes so I’m not worried about timing for those.) Are E & A even there at 8A or are they not there until 9A with the normal opening of CA Adventure?

    Thanks so much for your time!

    • Anna and Elsa should be there early, but DCA does not have extra magic hour on Tuesdays. Disneyland does. So I would follow the plan in this post. I recommend pulling the passes and then riding Toy Story if you have any interest in it. That line is tough later on. Anna and Elsa do not currently have FASTPASSES and are much more manageable now. Olaf is there, too! He just moved to that area. Hope this helps!

  8. Hi Casey. My hubby & I plan on going without kids in September. My plan is to do the world of color dining at carthay circle. What would you suggest we get a fast pass for after RSR? Thanks so much!

  9. Hi Casey:
    Interested to know if you rode Grizzly River Rapids and if you got soaked. Wouldn’t mind riding it later in the day if we are gonna get soaked. But I am not sure if this is one of the rides that fastpasses run out before noon.
    Thank you!

  10. My husband and I are going in March with our 2 year old and do not have extra magical hours. How do we get RCR and toy story in the morning as well as Peter Pan with a park hopper pass? Any other toddler rides (like nemo) that are “musts” to get early? Thanks!

    • On each of your coordinating park days, go immediately to Peter Pan or RSR. After RSR, go directly to Toy Story Mania. Star Wars Launch Bay is also super busy. Go there after Peter Pan of it interests you. Enjoy!

  11. How can I find out for sure if Fast Passes are needed or not for Anna & Elsa meet and greet? We are going to Disneyland next week (January 14, 2016). Thank you!

    • Hi, Carrie! It changes often, but currently FASTPASSES are not needed for Anna and Elsa. I do recommend still arriving first thing to see them….and then proceed on with your day. Enjoy!

  12. Hi,

    I’m doing a world of color dining package, reservation at 7pm, and we want to make it back to DL for the paint the night parade at 8:45pm this sat, Nov. 14th. Do you think that’s enough time? And do you know if I’ll be able to get WOC fast passes for Celebrate at 10:15pm or are they gonna give the 9pm WOC?

  13. Hi Casey,
    So can I get a fast pass for the World of Color when California Adventure first opens? And will I be able to get another ticket for the Radiator Srings Racers? Because I thought that you can’t have two fast passes at once (only if you are in two different parks).

    Your site is really helpful! Thanks.

  14. If DL is the happiest place on earth, (and it is) then your blog is the greatest blog on the planet! So, pleased to have found it. Many thanks.

    Will be staying at DL-hotel in mid Nov with a 3 day park hopper pass.

    What tips might you have for grabbing the 3/4 fast passes at each park? We plan on being rope drop. (half of my party will enter early on Tuesday)

    And, what is the latest on connected/unconnected attractions.


  15. Hi Casey,
    How can I tell what is the Blue viewing location area for World of Color?
    Also is WOC similar to Fantasmic wherein we need to start checking at 7pm if we can lineup for the reserved viewing spot?
    Lastly, are we allowed to eat at the viewing spots (WOC and Fantasmic)?
    I was thinking we can just get our dinner to go and just eat at the viewing spot once we’re allowed to go in.

    Your site is the best!!!

    • Hi, Joanne.

      Thank you! Yes, you can eat at the locations in both show options.

      Check out this post for a map on where the blue location is. If you get blue, I highly recommend the bridge. It has great views.

      Start walking by the line up section about 20 minutes prior to when your FASTPASS says you can. A line might form just prior, so if you show up at the written time, you could actually be a bit late. I recommend one person does this while the rest of the group hangs out nearby, perhaps riding Ariel’s Undersea Adventure or just browsing some shops to kill time. Then, once you’re officially allowed to line up, text someone who has the rest of the group for everyone to join you. That’s your best bet for grabbing a good viewing spot.

  16. Hi Casey, thank you so much for all this info, we were there in September from the 27-30 and we had so much fun, and I have to say your advise really helped us, pull those fast passes, we were able to hold 3 fast passes within the first 10 minutes in the park, it would of been 4 but Ana and Elsa didn’t require one! The parks were beautiful and pretty empty, we even got to see Ana and Elsa twice during the day, and of course Olaf! We were always holding fast passes for the rides allowed , so we had a beautiful time! Thanks again for all your input!

  17. We plan to visit DCA on a Saturday and will be following this plan. We also want to make reservations for either breakfast or lunch at Ariel’s Grotto. What time do you recommend? What would happen if our reservations conflict with a fastpass time, (most importantly Anna/Elsa)?


    • If your reservations conflict with a FASTPASS return, bring in your receipt and they should work you into the line.

      Anna and Elsa is currently testing no FASTPASSES, so be sure to check back prior to your trip for an update.

      I recommend the latest breakfast possible at Ariel’s and turn it into a “brunch” to not only save money, but not waste hours in the morning when the park is less crowded. Hope that helps!

  18. Love all the info! Planning a trip in October for my twins 5th birthday. Didn’t even know they had special Halloween happenings so will definitely read up on that next. I’m already confused on California Adventure though. Are you saying to see Olaf between obtaining Fastpass #1 and #2? Or just passing through it as a shortcut? It doesn’t look like a short cut on the map? Also the blue line on the map does not look like it’s taking a short cut through Grizzly Peak Airfield? Thanks so much for taking the time to help “tourists”!

    • See Olaf whenever it works within the FASTPASSES you obtain. It’s a super easy meet-n-greet now. There is a shortcut to Olaf through the market across the street from where you grab Anna and Elsa return tickets. No real shortcut to get WOC tickets. You just have to walk through Grizzly Peak (Condor Flats on this map – Disney still has not updated). Hope that helps!

  19. Hello Casey!

    I am Japanese Disney fan!
    I am going to travel DLR in October of this year.
    I refer to your wonderful blog!

    Please tell me how to meet Olaf.
    Now,Olaf’s greeting is need Fastpass or Guest pass(comm pass)?
    Or I line direct only?

    Morning of the day when I go to DCA, My plan is???
    1:Anna & Elsa Royal Welcome Fastpass
    2:I meet Olaf direct.
    3:RSR Fastpass
    4:Toy Story Mania, I line direct.
    (I use WOC dining package.)

    How do you think of my Plan? Please give me advice!

    I’m looking forward to Disneyland Forever!
    I want to look it the front row of standing area in front of castle.
    I want to know border line of sitting area and standing area in front of castle.
    How long do I wait before show?

    Please tell me the latest information of DLR!
    Thank you for your kindness!

  20. Wow thanks so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge into Disney! My family and I will be visiting next week with a 2 Day Parkhopper and I’d just like some advice regarding the order in which we should “Fastpass” it.

    I read the article on holding 4 Fastpasses in California Adventure, as well as the article regarding starting the day in Disneyland. Now because we have a parkhopper, I was wondering if you would recommend an order in which we obtain the Fastpasses based on your experience when using both parks?

    I understand in Disneyland you recommend going to specific areas first to obtain the Fastpasses & in Adventure Park to go for different ones also; which park do you think we should obtain passes for first?

    I was planning on going to California Adventure first, grabbing Anna & Elsa, Radiator Springs, World of Colour & then rush to Disneyland and obtain Fantasmic! & Indiana Jones… and then decide between either rushing back to California Park for Toy Story Mania or staying at Disneyland for Peter Pan? We were then going to have one person in our group switch between parks to get new Fastpasses every time a new one was available, so one person would be holding all our tickets hopping whilst we all remain in the opposite park…. could that cause any issues? Sorry for the multitude of questions, your answers will be most appreciated!


    • Hi, Jesse!

      I don’t recommend stressing out too much with going in between parks. This may work for your group, depending on ages, but I actually suggest staying in one park per day or within a few hours block each day. You’ll likely see Anna and Elsa quite early if you arrive before rope drop, so you wouldn’t be able to run over to Disneyland to grab other passes. You might be able to see Anna and Elsa and then do the Singalong and then leave to go to Disneyland and return for RSR, depending on what time your passes come in for.

      On your Disneyland day, go to Peter Pan first. Send someone to go get passes for everything else. Peter Pan is super crowded these days since the upgrade.

  21. Hello Casey!!
    I have a couple of questions, we are staying in a Disneyland Hotel so we are definitely using early entry. First is the only way to enter DCA during early entry is thru the Grand Californian or do they also open the main entrance? Second my 3 boys don’t care for Frozen and Olaf meet and greets they are just ready for Cars Land. So if we go in thru Grand Californian Hotel we would get our Fast Passes for WOC and go straight to Cars Land and ride RSR because we cannot pull Fast Passes for these until 8am when it opens to the general public? Third are Fast Passes for RSR only distributed at Bugs Land? Or can we pull Fast Passes at Cars Land also? Thank you so much all of your information is so helpful to us since my husband and I have not visited Disneyland since we were teenagers.

    • Hi, Angelica.

      So, yes, ride RSR and then pull FASTPASSES once they open after regular open hours. The passes are only distributed at the place in Bugs Land that you’re referring to. Hope this helps!

  22. Hi Casey, I’m a little confused. I’m sending my daughter and her 6 year old to Disneyland and CA early September. I didn’t fully understand where to get a fastpass for Olaf as this is where my grandson wants to go first. Is it at the same area as Elsa and Anna? And, you also mentioned that you could 3 FPs in as quickly as 15 minutes. However, I noticed that your dates are not the same on the above pictured. Please explain…thank you.

    • I had to recreate the sequence because the two days I tried to do the 15 minute routine, RSR was closed down both times. That is the only reason for the date difference. The plan should work. Olaf no longer has a FASTPASS – this just happened a few weeks ago – I’m checking each week. My suggestion is to go see Olaf right after Anna and Elsa if possible. The line is usually about 5 minutes long as this point. Hope that helps!

  23. Casey,
    I LOVE your blog and have found it very helpful. I’ve visited Disneyland many times as a child and as an adult, but in September I’ll be taking my oldest daughter for the first time; she’ll be almost four when we go. We’re doing a “girls trip” with one of my college best friends and her six-year-old daughter. Can’t wait!
    My question is this: we’re staying at the Grand Californian, so I plan to follow your advice to grab World of Color FASTPASSES on our way in. We plan on taking advantage of Early Entry, so do you think we have time to ride a ride (are the rides running during during Early Entry?) on the way to pick up Anna and Elsa/Olaf FASTPASSES or should we head straight to those FASTPASS machines and not ride any rides? I was just curious if this might be a way to ride a popular ride (like Radiator Springs Racers or Toy Story Mania) twice in the morning. I really want to pack our morning (we have lunch reservations at Ariel’s Grotto) to give us time for an afternoon rest before going back in for World of Color.
    Again, thank you SO much for the information you provide; it’s obvious you love Disneyland and want everyone who visits to have a great time!
    Many thanks,

    • Hi, Beth.

      You could easily go do Toy Story Mania first if it’s open, ride RSR if it’s open and then pull Anna and Elsa passes. It’s hard to tell which rides will be open, so you’ll need to ask a cast member upon walking in. RSR will not allow you to pull FASTPASSES, but you could certainly ride and get that “done” if it’s open. Hope this helps!

  24. We are headed to DL & CA the end of Sept with a 2 yr old and 5 yr old. We are planning on doing breakfast with Minnie at DL and breakfast at Ariels Grotto. Was planning on pulling FP first thing when we got to park for Anna & Elsa. How do you coordinate with breakfast first thing? Should we do Anna & Elsa first and make breakfast reservation for later, around 10:00? We are staying off property. Will have Magic Hour but is that only to DL?

    • Exactly. Do both breakfasts around 10am. It will give you a nice break once the crowds arrive and you’ll be able to get lots done prior. Enjoy! And, yes, Magic Hour is only at DLR on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

  25. You are amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing so many amazing tips. I’m taking my 3 year old and 8 year old to DL and CA next week, and your site has been so helpful in my planning. Thank you for creating such a helpful resource!!

  26. Casey,

    I love your FP tips here…but I am confused. I thought we could only get one FP at a time and had to use it before getting another?

    Do you have a tip for getting a nighttime return for RSR? Would love to ride in morning and again at night. We were in DL several years back and RS is lovely at night.


    • Hi, Kelly!

      You can only hold one FASTPASS at a time unless they are disconnected, which Anna & Elsa, WOC and Olaf are. (Olaf doesn’t even need one now, actually.)

      The best strategy for nighttime RSR is to use the single rider line or to return to the FASTPASS distribution point throughout the morning to see when they’re distributing those passes. Good luck!

  27. Your website has been an invaluable help to me in planning our trip! Such great info! Is there somewhere on your website that lists the attractions that are open during Early Entry? Is Radiator Springs open during that time? I am trying to decide what to do during our Early Entry hours at the park. Thanks so much for your help!

    • I’m getting recent mixed reports, but most attractions should be open during early entry – as well as FASTPASSES – all except for RSR. This seems to change often, so if the passes are not available, ride, ride, ride and then get in line for RSR about 15 minutes prior to official park opening. Enjoy!

  28. Hello!
    We are going the first week in August with our 3 yr old and 4 month old. Can you see Anna and Elsa/Olaf in Disneyland or is the meet and greet just in California Adventure? Also how can we find out where other princesses will be? She is really in to Cinderella and Rapunzel. This is our first family vacation. Thank you!!

  29. I just love this post! On a Friday in July when I am there, DCA has the EHM at 7 AM. Are you saying they could open the park as early as 6:30 am and I should be there then? THis rivals my time for Potter Grand opening when I lined up! Confirm that with me else family may kill me….(and I will assume I can ride do whatever at 6:30 but hustle back to Disneyland for it’s 8 AM opening….). Also if you were a betting woman, what would the return time be on RS if pulling the FP at 8….

    • Early entry rarely lets you in earlier than the early entry time. They typically only do this for regular park openings and it’s to get people out of the esplanade between the two parks and at least onto Main Street or Buena Vista Street prior to Rope Drop.

      RSR should be distributing right at park opening. I am guessing you’ll get a 9-10am return time.

      Also, note: Olaf didn’t have FASTPASSES when I visited yesterday (6/20/2015), so I edited that part of the post. Go back and re-read that for my suggestion to see him immediately at that time in case there are no passes.

  30. Thank you Casey, been following you after we found you thru Shannon’s site as am really nervous visiting after 20 yrs! Will definitely be ffg this for plan for fast Passes! thank You! We are WDW veterans and Planning to drive cross country for D23 expo and got 3day tickets already for expo… Will be there only from 8/13 to 8/16, and thinking of getting 4 day DL/DCA tickets to go in between expo sessions, am I nuts in thinking that can be done? Also is there a character breakfast that you can recommend? Thank you for all the info on your site! it’s been my go to site!

    • Hi, Dee. You can totally do this! I recommend Minnie’s Breakfast in the Park. It’s in one of Walt’s favorite restaurants and it’s a ton of fun – great character interaction. Enjoy and let me know if you have other questions!

  31. Will this still work if you are visiting DCA on a day that allows early entry but you do NOT have early entry privileges? Meaning, there will already be people in the park before you can get in?

  32. I’m going in August with a handful of my girlfriends all in our mid-twenties, coming from Northern Utah. We are getting a 2 day 1 park per day pass, so we want to make the most of our time. As for Disneyland, I definitely want to see the Paint the Night parade and the new firework show. Do you think it would be worth it for us to try to go to Fantasmic and/or the Frozen show?
    And then for California Adventure, we will definitely do World of Color and Radiator Springs! Would it be worth our time to try to do the Frozen meet and greets and/or the Aladdin show? (I have never been to California Adventure.)
    Thanks for your help!! I love following your blog, pinterest, facebook and instagram! I wish I lived in SoCal still so I could go to Disney as much as you do!

    • Hey, there.

      California Adventure has fewer attractions than Disneyland, so you can get more done there. Aladdin is simply amazing. Be sure to go to that show.

      I also highly recommend Fantasmic! If you can do one of the meals that incorporate preferred viewing, you’ll have a great experience with Fantasmic! and then you’ll have excellent viewing for the fireworks that happen shortly after. Then, catch Pain the Night parade at 11pm and you’ll have much lower crowds than with the earlier parade.

      Let me know if you have any more questions!

  33. So you can get a FP for Anna & Elsa and Olaf during early entry? I didn’t know any of the FP machines opened until park opening. Or are you saying you can sneak in and get a FP right before park opening at the end of early entry?

  34. I do something like this for Disneyland, but only 3 FastPasses:
    0) Arrive early enough to be at the circle at the end of Main Street when they drop the rope.
    1) Get Frozen at the Royal Theatre FPs at the circle in front of the castle, then
    2) Drop the kids off at Fantasy Faire, Peter Pan or Casey Jr. while I walk around the backside to get Fantasmic FPs.
    3) Pull “regular” FPs for Thunder Mountain, Indy, or Space Mountain if I’m really ambitious.
    4) Back to Fantasyland and ride Mr. Toad or the teacups with the kids.

      • Thank you so much for your site and wealth of information! I’m actually a former cast member of WDW College Program and one of our favorite things to do was help people get the most of their day. Including saving spots at Illuminations and giving them to families that got there too late for good viewing. While I hope karma will show up for my families first visit to Disneyland, I know planning is key. Your resources and knowledge for this planning is invaluable! Do you have a link to your Facebook Disneyland morning routine to get fast passes as mentioned above? Or is this in your planning section breakdown with ages? We are going over 4th of July weekend and I know the crowds will be at a peak. I’ve heard they reach capacity so I don’t know if we will get to go back to our hotels for mid-day breaks for fear we won’t get back into the parks. Will having Fantasmic fast passes really ensure readmission?

  35. Hi Casey,

    Are they enforcing “end” times on ride fast passes these days? I know that they didn’t use to…but then they started awhile back. I haven’t tried to return outside of my allotted time in awhile… but I know that there was definitely a time when I could get a fast pass in the morning and wait to use it when it got really crowded later in the day…