Frozen – Live at the Hyperion Theater + How to Meet Anna and Elsa

UPDATED October 24, 2016

***Tested and updated strategy for a 9:00am official park opening with an 8:00am EMH. 

***Park hours are fluctuating greatly right now between 8:00am and 10:00am. I’m keeping this post with the 9:00am plan so that it best accommodates most days. Adjust as needed, but the basic plan should work with each park opening. 

Frozen – Live at the Hyperion, debuted on May 27, 2016. I was there for the first show and have lots of tips and details on what to expect.

Let’s get started on how to see that show and how to meet Anna and Elsa. I’ll provide a plan for incorporating Radiator Springs Racers and World of Color FASTPASSES into your morning, too.

Late October 2016, the FASTPASSES for Frozen were removed. I’ve updated this post to reflect a strategy without FASTPASSES.

Basic Info for Frozen – Live at the Hyperion

  • This show is included in your theme park admission ticket to Disney California Adventure (DCA). If you are visiting Disneyland for the day and want to see the show, you must have a park hopper ticket to enter DCA and watch this show.
  • The show lasts about an hour.
  • Since this show is new, a few technical issues might arise. Be patient if this happens. Our show was stopped about 1/2 of the way in due a microphone not working. They paused for a few moments, fixed the issue and the show resumed.
  • Food is sold outside the theater and within the theater before the show by cast members walking the aisles. Food is allowed inside the theater to enjoy while you watch the show.
  • All seating is now “standby”, meaning that you show up and get in line to wait for the show. Many people are panicking over this, but it’s really not a huge difference compared to when FASTPASSES were used. People still got in line an hour plus prior to showtime. Without the FASTPASS system, I suggest getting in line about an hour and a half prior. I recommend the late afternoon showing (usually around 4pm). Read why in more detail below.
  • All seating options are good, as the theater is well designed. I’ve sat in every option and have been able to see just fine. The Mezzanine is the best location. The Orchestra (floor) is awesome if you’re close up to the stage, however, the projections for this show wrap around the stage and show on each side. Mezzanine allows you to see these projections, everything on the stage, and characters coming in and up the aisles throughout the performance. Balcony is a fine seat, but it’s harder to see the floor, and, of course, the view is further out.
  • If you sit in Mezzanine, choose any row but the second row from the bottom. The railing will inhibit part of your view from the second row.
  • As with all park visits, I recommend arriving an hour prior to official park opening. You will likely be let in 30 minutes prior to official park opening and can take your place at the “rope drop” line on Hollywood Blvd, which leads into Hollywood Land, where I recommend you start your day.
  • Strollers parked within the parking section for Hyperion will likely be moved before you exit to make space for the next show’s lot of strollers. Ask a cast member upon exiting if/where the strollers from your show were moved to. I recommend tying a balloon or bandana or something eye-catching to your stroller during your visit for this very reason. Find more tips in my stroller post.

Images and Info from Frozen – Live at the Hyperion Theater

When you walk in, start down Buena Vista Street and veer left toward Hollywood Blvd when the street merges into Carthay Circle. Take that left onto Hollywood Blvd to find rope drop.


You’ll hang out in a group of people at rope drop and it looks like this:


A moment or so before official park opening, music will start playing and an announcement will be made alerting you to the rope coming down.

Now it’s time to move. Get busy with your day! (We’ll cover your strategy in just a bit. More on Frozen, Anna and Elsa first.)

When it’s time to line up for the show, you’ll go to the Hyperion Theater and choose one of the three options mentioned previously. When you enter one of these seating sections, you’ll stay here until show time. When a section fills up, it will close and you’ll have to choose another. There really are not any bad seats in this theater, so don’t panic if a section is closed.

If you are in line and need to leave for a restroom break or to grab a snack, ask a cast member for a paper “snowflake pass” to leave and return. The snowflake pass must be shown before you re-enter.

The “snowflake pass” looks like this:


The seating section entrances look like this:


You will stand in a sea of people once you choose your section. It might feel overwhelming. Don’t get scared. 1,984 people can fit in the audience for one show. The crowd has to stand somewhere before going in.

I recommend planning your day around an hour and a half prior to the showtime you wish to attend and bring a snack to occupy your crew during that wait. It’s not entirely possible to have one person go “save a spot” for a group of 5 or so because once you’re in your section, it’s not easy to move and find other people. And, if you show up too late to meet the person saving your group’s spots, that section could be closed.

Here is why. The sections will fill and look like this:


About 15 minutes prior to showtime, cast members will open the door and allow guests inside.

Mezzanine and Balcony sections require you to walk up stairs, as seen in this photo. There are elevators for those in need. Most entering the Orchestra section will walk up a short amount of stairs, too, but there is an entry that doesn’t require any stairs for those in wheelchairs and ECVs.


You made it! Sit back and relax.

Here is my view from the front row of Mezzanine.


Wheelchair Accessibility for Frozen – Live

Each floor can accommodate wheelchairs and/or ECVs. That includes:

4 spots in the Balcony, with one seat for a friend to sit with the wheelchair guest.

4 spots in the Mezzanine, with one seat for a friend to sit with the wheelchair guest.

6 spots in the Orchestra, with one seat for a friend to sit with the wheelchair guest.

Elevators are available for wheelchair guests to get to Mezzanine and Balcony sections.

If wheelchair guests can transfer, seating will work in any available seats, thus allowing more friends to sit nearby. Unfortunately, in the 4, 4, and 6 dedicated seats on each level, only one seat is reserved for a friend of the guest in the wheelchair.

***Please let me know what other questions you have regarding this and I’ll inquire during my visits.

How and Where to Meet Anna and Elsa

****They are NOT currently using FASTPASSES for this character meet-n-greet.


Meet Anna and Elsa according to the strategy. If that doesn’t work for you, avoid seeing them directly after the Frozen Live show. EVERYONE wants to see them then.

What to Bring to Meet Anna and Elsa

Most princesses are decked out for any Disneyland trip. For tips on where to find your dress – Frozen inspired or not – plus all things princessy, check my princess post. Bitts and Pieces on Etsy creates darling t-shirt style dresses that are comfortable, non-itchy and casual for the day. My daughter wears these and loves them.

Don’t forget your autograph book so Anna and Elsa can sign it – plus a pen!

Also, don’t forget your camera, although Disneyland photographers are ready to take your photo and will hand you a photo pass card when you’re finished. One of my favorite values in the park is the PhotoPass+ and I encourage you to read that post and consider it for your visit.

Anna and Elsa can be found in the Animation Building and the building looks like this:


Your Strategy on Starting Your Day

  • Since you arrived an hour early, walk as far down Buena Vista Street as you can to find the rope drop ceremony set up. This is when the park opens officially and cast members will be stationed with a rope, keeping the crowds back until it’s time to go in. Music will start and the rope will be taken down upon the actual opening time for the park.
  • This is why it’s so important to arrive early. You’ll actually be allowed in the park prior to opening to browse some of the shops on Buena Vista Street and to keep lines for entry at a manageable level. For example: If your opening time is 9am, show up at 8am. Get in line and walk in as soon as they start allowing early entry.
  • As soon as rope drop ends and you’re officially allowed in the park, walk directly to see Anna and Elsa. This meet-n-greet has again grown to long waits, so be sure you arrive early to get all of this done during the less crowded morning hours. Afternoon waits are averaging about an hour, but they can be much longer than that. You will see Anna and Elsa together at the same time.
  • After seeing the girls, grab your FASTPASS for Soarin’ Around the World.
  • While you wait for your Soarin’ FASTPASS time to arrive, grab a FASTPASS for World of Color. These FASTPASSES are “disconnected”, so you may hold this pass and Soarin’ at the same time. The WOC FASTPASS distribution point is en route to your next stop…..near Grizzly River Run… it’s easy to grab these FASTPASSES.
  • Next, go to Toy Story Mania in Paradise Pier. This line gets crazy long as the day proceeds and there are no FASTPASSES for this ride.
  • After Toy Story, your time should be up for Soarin’. Enjoy your trip around the world!
  • When you’re back on land, grab FASTPASSES for Radiator Springs Racers.
  • Finally, go see Olaf, who doesn’t see guests until 10:00am or after.

So, in short:

  1. Meet Anna and Elsa. 
  2. Grab Soarin’ Around the World FASTPASS.
  3. Grab World of Color (WOC) FASTPASS.
  4. Ride Toy Story Mania.
  5. Ride Soarin’ Around the World.
  6. Grab Radiator Springs Racer (RSR) FASTPASS.
  7. Meet Olaf.

Then, proceed to: Ride RSR when your time arrives, have lunch, see Frozen Live, etc.

Here is a map for the strategy:


Frozen Live’s showtimes are unpredictable right now. Many days include only two options – 1:30pm and 4:00pm. Check the Entertainment tab on the Disneyland app or on the paper schedule that you can pick up upon entering the park next to the park maps. I recommend attending the 4:00pm showing and arriving about 1.5 hours prior to showtime. Again, bring snacks, have a seat, and be prepared to wait. There are some shaded areas in this section and snacks are sold nearby if you get hungry once in line. 

I recommend the later showing over the earlier because earlier hours are best used “getting stuff done” instead of waiting in line. Accomplish everything in the strategy above, have lunch and even take a quick break from the park if you have time to let kids nap at your hotel. Getting in line at 2:30pm for the 4:00pm showtime is also a good fit Ergo napping or lap napping if you’re not able to leave the park. Strollers are not allowed in the seating sections, unfortunately. But, you could get settled and have your child nap in our arms if he or she will do that. 

Also consider: Tower of Terror is currently super popular, as the “Twilight Zone” version of the attraction will be ending on January 2, 2016. After RSR, consider grabbing a FASTPASS for Tower of Terror. They’re often gone for the day by around 1:00pm.

Note: After 6:00pm, Tower of Terror turns into “Final Check Out”, which allows you to enjoy the attraction in total darkness. FASTPASSES are not allowed during this time. Find out more on what this limited time experience includes on the Disneyland website.

What About Extra Magic Hour?

Extra Magic Hour privileges are given to Disneyland Resort Hotel guests. With your active hotel room key, you are allowed to enter an hour prior to official park opening at Disneyland on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. You are allowed to enter California Adventure on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

With Extra Magic Hour (EMH), I recommend arriving to the park at least 30 minutes prior to the Extra Magic Hour time. Meaning, if the park opens at 8am, EMH will begin at 7am. Arrive at 6:30am.

Both parks have turn stiles noting entry for EMH. Line up there. Or, you may use the entrance from the Grand Californian Hotel for DCA. Any guest staying at a Disneyland Resort Hotel can use the entrance at the Grand Californian. This line builds quickly, though. Often, it can be more advantageous to enter through the main gate.

If you have Extra Magic Hour privileges, your start for the day will be different from what I recommend above. Here is why: Two of the steps in the plan above are not possible to achieve until official park opening. Those are: Grabbing Soarin’ Around the World FASTPASSES and Soarin’ FASTPASSES. These FASTPASSES are super popular, so they reserve them for official park opening, giving everyone a fair chance to grab them.

The good news is, you can get A LOT done during EMH.

So, amend that plan to look like this:

  1. Ride Soarin’ Around the World.
  3. Ride Toy Story Mania
  4. Ride Screamin’ (if time allows – if close to park opening, go to get RSR FASTPASSES and ride Screamin’ later in the day)
  5. Grab RSR FASTPASS (at official park opening)
  6. Ride Tower of Terror
  7. See Anna and Elsa
  8. Ride RSR
  9. Grab Goofy’s Sky School FASTPASS
  10. Ride Symphony Swings
  11. Ride Golden Zephyr
  12. Ride Jumpin Jellyfish
  13. Ride Goofy’s Sky School
  14. Grab Grizzly River Rapids FASTPASS
  15. See Olaf 

This strategy is quite ambitious and works best with a 7:00am EMH, but it’s possible if you stay focused on the strategy.

(Later EMHs will prevent you from doing as much. People like to sleep. The later the park opening….the later the EMH…..the more people will be in the park. Regardless, use this strategy and get as much done as possible.)

Within the map above, note the location of each stop with these specifics:

  • Anna and Elsa Meet-n-Greet: Hollywood Land; Animation Building
  • Olaf: Hollywood Land; to the right of Stage 17
  • RSR FASTPASSES: Bugs Land; to the left of the entrance to Bugs Land
  • WOC FASTPASSES: Grizzly Peak; to the left of Grizzly River Rapids
  • Soarin’ Around the World: FASTPASSES are located to the left of the attraction
  • Toy Story Mania: Paradise Pier; past Mickey’s Fun Wheel, but before King Triton’s Carousel

When you finally meet Olaf, he will look like this. So sweet!


Other Notes

Have realistic expectations with meeting Anna and Elsa and seeing Frozen Live. This is a stressful adventure at California Adventure and things might go wrong. Characters are not always present as planned. Frozen Live shows sometimes get cancelled. Move on to your next strategy point if something isn’t available.

We visited on a day that Elsa wasn’t there. I repeat: Elsa wasn’t there! Cast members handled the entire situation with grace as they always do, but that could have gone terribly wrong.

Anna told my daughter she couldn’t wait to tell her sister about the darling dress she saw. The cast members rallied and it was an awesome experience, but plenty would have been super disappointed if that had happened to them. My daughter was upset at first, but with 2-3 years of therapy, I think she’ll come out without any long term damage done. Fingers crossed!

If your little one is interested in an Anna or Elsa or Olaf makeover, review my post telling you all about how you can find this option in Downtown Disney for a very reasonable cost. (Seriously. It’s only $35!)

As always, find me on Facebook for more info and daily posts or email me at [email protected] if I can help you in any way!

Tickets I recommend (read why)
Enter code DLRPS at checkout to save an additional $2 on each ticket.


  1. We just had a great week at Disneyland! Thanks for helping this Kentucky, WDW lovin’ family navigate the Land!!! We followed this Frozen plan, and it worked beautifully! We appreciate it!

  2. Planning to take kids today for the 4pm show, but can’t be at the Park at opening. Earliest eta for us would be 2pm. So is a 2 hour wait “standby” (w/out Fast Pass) realistic? Or is this dad wishing upon a star?

    Thanks and great Blog!

    • Hey, Eric. I was told recently that the parks are no longer offering standby for Frozen. I will be in the parks early next week to find out more. Look for an update on this post and also at Hoping to have more info soon!

  3. Thanks for the tips! I know my 3 year old daughter would LOVE this show, but I’m nervous that even with all the snacks in the world my 1 year old boy will get restless during the hour show. Is it easy to exit the auditorium if he gets cranky?

  4. Hi! We’ve been to DL a few times in the past few years, so we aren’t veterans but know our way around 🙂 We haven’t been since the Frozen show opened. Last time we were able to see Anna and Elsa in about 20 minutes…we’re planning to be there the first week of November, which should be relatively light crowds. Have lines for A&E picked up since? Is this Frozen show still so popular that we would need to immediately get FP? I have a 5yo, 3yo, and 11 month old, and I don’t really want to stand in line for Toy Story for 45 minutes, but I also don’t want to go there first and miss out on Frozen. We’re going to be there for 4 days, but I haven’t quite decided if we should save the show for the heaviest day (Saturday) or use light crowd time to make sure we can get in. Thanks!!

    • All Frozen is still quite popular – both meeting the characters and the show itself. That Toy Story line is brutal. I get it! You could always go there sooner and pull FASTPASSES for the later show times.

  5. Thank you for your great blog. Can we please ask some questions as we will be visiting California Adventure and Disneyland on Sunday 4 December and Monday 5 December this year. Our daughter, aged 4 (just turned) and son aged 7 both have a to do list and as we are coming from Australia, want to get this right. Frozen, both show and meet and greet, are a must do. We won’t have an early morning entry either day. Apart from Frozen, Radiator Springs Racers, Toy Story Mania and Ariels Grotto for a meal are in our plans. For Disneyland, the big must do is the Star Wars Jedi Training. For our daughter, as a birthday gift, we wanted to give her a princess experience, her favourite being Anna. Can you please offer an suggestions as to if we should aim at one park particularly either day and any other insights that may help to pull this visit off!!! Thanks for any help and again, thanks for your fantastic blog – very helpful. Kel

  6. Casey, we will be at CA on 10/27 with lunch scheduled 11:30 for Ariel. How should I readjust your plan? Or should we just grab a snack & eat lunch later? Thanks for all your tips!!!

  7. Using your updated EMH plan, what time fast passes did you pull for RSR and Frozen Live? Just curious. Thanks for all of your help! We are going to be there in a week and we can’t wait!

  8. I wonder if getting an RSR fastpass can be a problem when you also want to see the Frozen play. Couldn’t the return time for RSR be so late that it means you won’t be able to show up at the Hyperion 20 minutes before the 11:30 curtain time?

    • Yes. You have to pay attention to the times that you’re pulling with FASTPASSES. If you have an 8am park opening and are on time and follow this strategy, you will have everything lined up. I’ll adjust it when we go to 9am park opening. And then 10am park opening. But for 8am, this works. I try it out each week to confirm. You will typically end up with a 12:45pm RSR that fits with the 11:30am Frozen show you will see with this strategy. But, with any timing, you have to pay attention in case something is off.

      • We are planning our Disney visit with our 4 year old daughter (41″) and parents this Thursday and Friday. We are planning to visit DCA on Friday. No points for guessing she is an Elsa fan. Since we have a 2 day price hopper ticket we do not have Magic morning. Approx what time will we be done with Olaf(she is not a huge olaf fan, so we may skip this). If we follow your plan without the EMH will we not be able to do
        Grab Goofy’s Sky School FASTPASS
        Ride Symphony Swings
        Ride Golden Zephyr
        Ride Jumpin Jellyfish
        Ride Goofy’s Sky School
        Grab Grizzly River Rapids FASTPASS

        • Never mind..Just checked that Screamin’, Goofy’s Sky School and Grizzly are all 42″ and higher so she wont be eligible. Grizzly would have been fun. Bummer that she just misses the mark 🙁

          • Thanks so much for responding. Looks like that would be a great time to go to lunch then. We would have a 9am opening as well.

  9. going next week, read this and your review of the pre frozen show packages. is it worth it to pay for that if you are going to get there at opening and just get FP for the show that way?

    • It really depends on what you want to get out of the Pre-Show. It gives you premier seating and the experience at stage 17, the lanyard with trading pin, etc, etc. Both options are good.

  10. Casey,
    I was curious about your EMH plan. Can you get WOC fastpass, Frozen Live fastpass, or meet Anna and Elsa during EMH?

    • Out of these options, you can only get the WOC FASTPASS during EMH. The EMH plan I have detailed in this post works around that so that you do what the park allows you to during that time and makes the most use out of that hour.

  11. Casey have you purchased the previous show package? Is it worth it, do you get to meet anna and elsa?

  12. Hi, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your tips on this page! We took my daughter, 8 years old, to DCA last week for a day. I was searching the web for “one day at Disney California Adventure” and came across this page and we followed it almost exactly (except for getting there an hour before opening, ha ha), and your advice worked great! It definitely maximized the rides we were able to go on.

  13. Do you know if we can pull fastpasses for multiple shows on the same day? For example, can we pull a fastpass for the first show when the park opens and then for a later show a little after that? Thanks.

      • I went to DCA today and asked a cast member. He said that we can only get one Frozen fastpass per day. Luckily they were just handing them out at the machines after opening so our park tickets weren’t scanned, meaning we could get more.

        • Good tip, Mike! Thanks for letting me know. I might try tomorrow to see if that’s actually the case. Not sure the machines are that “smart”. But I will definitely share the answer you got if anyone asks. Thanks again!

  14. Hi Casey – we just saw Frozen at the Hyperion on 06/11/16 and our experience was that our seating section was assigned on the FastPass. We received tickets for the first show but for the balcony section, which was a little disappointing. The FastPass line wasn’t very long on that day (it was a cold and rainy (!) Saturday) so I probably could have left the line and waited until the seating section changed to orchestra for the second show, but I didn’t think about scoping out what section was being assigned until after I had already pulled the FastPasses. Something for other visitors to think about.

    • Thank you, Kay. I updated my post with this info about 30 minutes ago. I must have just missed your comment! The cast members I spoke to did say that they’re testing this option. I’ll update this post as things change. (And they will.)

  15. Your website is so useful! We have an upcoming trip for three days. Do you recommend going to Ariel’s Grotto the same day as following your strategies for the Frozen Live show or would it be better to do them on separate days?

    • Thank you! Because the strategy for the new show keeps changing, I would schedule Ariel’s on another day. (Just in case the timing of the show you get with your FASTPASS were to conflict with your reservation.) Easier to just avoid that all together.

  16. Thanks for the update Casey!! We are heading up tonight and I am soooo excited!!! We’ll be in the parks Friday too ?? (and Saturday). Totally grateful for all your tips and advice, can’t wait to put them into action!! BTW I found some GREAT stuff yesterday at Target (really cute light up LED wands that look like miniature light sabers!!, cute glow bracelets, etc in the $1 section–all part of my take on “adding extra magic”!!) ???? Plus I remembered to pick up my retractable sharpies to go with the cute autograph books I found on Amazon! I can’t wait to surprise my kids tonight when we get to the hotel!!!

    • You’re on top of everything, Michelle! Well done. I saw some of that stuff at Target. Will have to look more next visit. Thanks for the tips. I’ll be there Friday. Hope to see you!

          • We’re here!! Got my daughter signed up for jedi training by 8:15….who is now telling me she doesn’t want to do it without her brother (who has been talking about doing it for WEEKS until this morning when he changed his mind!)! :(( lol kids!! Already did star tours and have our FP for space mountain! BTW anyone wanna go with me?? My whole fam is saying they won’t go on it now!! LOL keep my sense of humor we’re at Disneyland!! 🙂

  17. I’m Curious – fast passes and lunch reservations. If I was to pull a fast pass for the frozen show and it clashed times with lunch booking at ariels grotto what do I do, can you choose which show you want to go to when pulling a fast pass?

    • Good question. According to Disney policy, you are still responsible for your reservation. Disneyland Dining can sometimes move it for a conflict like this, but it’s safer to grab the FASTPASS you need. You cannot choose the show time. However, you can decline pulling the FASTPASS if you arrive at the kiosk and the timing doesn’t work. Ask a cast member how much longer he or she thinks those passes being distracted will last. Then, get in line after for the time that works.

  18. Are they still doing fastpass for Ann and Elsa or not? I can’t tell, sorry! 🙂 We are going the end of this month. Thanks

  19. Thanks for the info! This may be a dumb question, but do I need separate tickets to California Adventure to meet Elsa and Anna or can I see them with just Disneyland tickets? We are only visiting for one day and don’t want to see California Adventure, outside of visiting the princesses. Thanks for your help!

  20. Hi Casey!
    I am too studying your blog to get ready for our visit the 27th this month. I have a doubt though, if we get the Frozen return ticket, will I be able to get the Radiator Springs Fastpass too? or I have to choose one?


  21. Hello!
    Thank you so much for all of your information, it is VERY useful!! I was wondering are Elsa and Anna, Olaf, and the Frozen Sing Along show all in the same area? Is there a way to know ahead of time whether or not they will have the “return tickets” option available for that day? I will be taking my son next week and my priority is RSR and Toy Story, but i think he would enjoy this as well since he loves Olaf.

    Thank you!

  22. Is all the Frozen stuff ending? We were hoping to take my daughter, who LOVES LOVES Frozen, in May, but I saw a vague reference to it ending. Ugh, so sad if this is true.

  23. Hi there, I have a trip planned to disneyland march 1st and California adventure on the 2nd. The only reason we are deciding to do park hoppers is to see Anna and elsa for my daughter. I can’t lie I am a little intimidated after reading how hard it may be to get tickets. There are 6 of us going so doing the park hopper tickets is quite a bit more. Do you think our chances are good if we get there early enough.
    A family member bought the dlr hotel so I’m not sure on the specifics but we are staying with them. Do we automatically have the magic hour?

    Thanks for all of your help!

  24. Me again. The only time I could get an appointment for the Anna and Elsa Boutique was Wednesday at 10:20 AM. That’s our day for California Adventure, and I’d like to go early to get the Fastpass for the meet and greet, but I’m not sure how to make that happen. We have the magic hour from 9-10 – I’m worried that if I go too early to get the return time, the time will be before we can get back from the appointment. But if I wait until noon then I worry that tickets will have run out. Thoughts? Thanks again!

  25. Hi Casey, I wanted to say THANK YOU for all your advice on meeting Elsa & Anna. We just returned from our first Disneyland trip and princesses were high on our agenda. I followed your instructions, got there early, went down buena vista and we were right there for rope drop. They were not offering a Fastpass so we went right in and were the VERY FIRST people to meet the sisters that day. My 4 year old daughter was thrilled. Your very detailed instructions made that happen! Thank you!

  26. Hello! we are planning a trip for december and I am wanting to see the frozen show at fantasy faire but cannot find as much info about that one. do i need fast passes? is it something that we need to do first thing? where can i find show time info? thanks so much for any info!

    • Hi, Kristina.

      Check out this post for your best strategy for getting a FASTPASS for this show and several others to start your day:

      HOWEVER, I have heard that they’re considering – and testing – no FASTPASS for this show. I’ll be looking into this on my visit this coming Tuesday and will update everyone Facebook with that information. If that is the case, I would go to this show as early as you can in the day because as the park crowds, it will be harder to get in.

      I can’t find the times of the show posted, so I’ve added this to my list for my visit on this coming Tuesday. I’ll post to my Facebook page that day. Hope that helps!

  27. Do the return passes work like fast passes? As in after we meet Anna & Elsa could we pick up another return pass if it were available?

  28. Your site is amazing! I’m so glad I found it! I didn’t realize that Anna and Elsa were still available to meet. I thought that ended in May. We are going the first week of November. It is driving me crazy that I can’t get park hours until 6 weeks before. Do you know if Anna and Elsa will still be there during the off season in November? What about the sing along? Thank you!!!

  29. Hey there love this site! Ive gotten a late start in planning as our visit to California Adventure is tomorrow(Tuesday)! We have a 9:10 dining experiene Ariel’s Grotto is it still possible to keep this plan?

  30. Can you get more than one Elsa/Anna fastpass since they are the non-linked kind of fastpasses? What about after the return time on your first fastpass – can you get another for Elsa/Anna?

  31. My 6 year old daughter is scheduled for an Anna makeover at 10:30 in a Wednesday in mid September. The person doing the reservation told me that the park will open at 10am that day. My daughter really wants to meet Anna and Elsa that day as well! What is your recommended strategy for making this happen?
    1 – Get our fastpass to see Anna and Elsa ASAP then head over to the makeover and hope the timing works out
    2- have my husband and two sons get fast passes for Anna and Elsa while I take my daughter to her makeover..then we can use their fast passes while they do something else (or are the fast passes connected to a specific ticket?). Or…
    3- try to change the makeover to Thursday morning (our last day at DL parks) because it’s not a magic morning at CA? (We were planning to use our magic morning at DL). Or…
    4- just use our magic morning on Wednesday at CA because it will be worth it.

    • Oh I see you answered me on a different post! Thank you! Your website has become my bible ? for this trip.

      Do you recommend using the extra magic hour at DL or CA? We are planning on getting 3-day park hoppers.

      • I added an option for the boys in this post. Forgot to add it to the previous one…..thought of it after. Whatever works out, just bring your receipt and they’ll work you in.

        Your early entry day will only be available at Disneyland if you buy the 3 day park hopper. To enter both parks for early entry, you must stay at at Disneyland Resort Hotel. So, your options will be Tues, Thurs or Saturday for Disneyland – those are the days that work with the three day pass.

    • Hi, there.

      I think you’ll be OK sending your husband in to get the passes. Just make sure your entire family has entered the park in order or him to retrieve passes for everyone. If a timing conflict arrives, show the cast member your receipt from the makeover and they should help accommodate you. So, I’d keep your plan as is and use a combo of 1 and 2. If you go first thing, you’ll be seen prior to her makeover. Have your husband ask what times are being distributed when he goes to check.

      Meanwhile, have your husband and two sons go “open” Monsters Inc (as soon as the park opens), which is very close by in Hollywoodland. They will help Sulley “scream” to open the ride and if they win (be VERY enthusiastic and loud), the family will receive a Scream Award which gives them (and you all -the whole family) entry privileges to the ride for the whole day by entering through the exit. This way, the boys will have something fun to do while your daughter does the makeover and then hopefully the passes will time out well, too.

      You can find more on that and other things to do in this post:

  32. Hi Casey
    Thanks for all your tips!!! Soooo useful. This monday, I Was able to take my two little ones and meet Ana and Elsa, and did as you said with Radiators fastpasses and straight to Toy story. Everything Went perfect and our large party of ten were all excited. Excellent information. Can’t thank you enough. Olaf Was there and we could meet. No fastpass requiered as you said. He leaves at 5pm. We were there a couple of minutes before but let us in and had to wait for less than ten!!!
    Ale (from Argentina)

  33. Hi there! Love your blog and just was wondering if Olaf fast pass was connected or Independant from other fast passes. Is it possible to grab return tickets for Elsa and Anna , fast passes for radiator springs than a return ticket/fast pass for Olaf? Also world of colour? Thanks so much for all your info!! We talking our family of 7 next week!!!!

  34. Hi Casey!

    Absolutely love all the information on your site!! We are going for our first time with our daughter (turning 4 September 17th) and our son (turning 1 September 2nd) August 3-5 with hopper. I am beyond excited (almost obsessed ;)) with reading about everything!! Do they have anything special if you are celebrating birthdays? Daughter is all about Frozen also and I was wondering what things have closed in Frozen Fun and what is still available when we go? Any tips for bringing a 1 year old?
    Thank you,

  35. Hi Casey,
    Thank you for all your info, I’ve been reading your blogs every night!! We plan to go to DCA and get there before they open on a non-early entry day. We plan to see Elsa, Anna, Olaf, see the Frozen Sing Along show, and ride Radiator Springs Racers before our 12:30 WOC Dining Reservation. I see you suggest pulling character return tickets, then Radiator Springs fast passes. At what point do we pull fast passes for the sing-along? Would it work to pull unconnected return tickets, fast pass for the sing-along and wait in line for Radiator Springs? Thank you!

  36. I’ve got 3 times this week (just bought a season pass) and my daughter is obsessed with all things Frozen.

    I’ve gone Monday, Tuesday and today (Thursday). All 3 of these days we’ve met Olaf with no Fast Passes required. Today we met Anna and Elsa. We pulled a fast pass around 1030 and our time slot was 140-2. We got over there in time and met them no problem.

    Monday we also did the sing a long. No fast pass required.

    I was super concerned before we went and I read all of this thinking it was going to all be nearly impossible.

    Just a heads up for anyone wanting current information.

  37. Thanks for all the tips. This is really helpful. We are buying 3 day park hopper passes for June 16-18. We are going to do the magic morning on Tuesday but it’s for disneyland only (not staying at a disneyland resort hotel). If we all go into Disneyland and have our park hopper tickets stamped, can I then leave with all the tickets and wait in line at California Adventure for the fast passes for Anna and Elsa? Just wondering if my whole family needs to enter into California Adventure with their tickets or if entering into DisneyLand will work to get the fast passes. Thanks for your help!

    • Kristin,

      I believe that you still have to all be in the parks to do Anna and Elsa. Meaning, all park tickets have to scanned for entry before you can pull FASTPASSES.

      Hope that helps!

      • Just wanted to let you know we were successful in pulling fast passes in California adventure when tickets had only been stamped by Disneyland. My mom stayed with the kids in Disneyland and I popped over to California adventure with all tickets and got fast passes for Anna and Elsa and radiator springs.

  38. Hi Casey,
    I have been reading your blog and FB posts for a while now prepping for our trip to The Happiest Place on Earth in a couple weeks. I am so glad to hear that Olaf is still around at California Adventure. Is the Fastpass to see Frozen characters still pretty tough to get? Thanks for all the advice on here, it makes taking my kids so much better!

    • Hi, Autumn!

      The FASTPASSES for Elsa and Anna are much easier these days, however, the parks are starting to crowd up and will continue to crowd. So, follow the strategy.

      Olaf is scheduled to leave on May 22, 2015, but I’ll update you on the Facebook page if there is any change to that.

      Please let me know if I can help with anything else!

      • FASTPASSES or Return tickets for the Anna & Elsa meet and greet? What is the difference between the two passes? Which do we need for which? Oh, and I assume the Meet & Greet Return tickets are obtained at Calif Adventure, and the FASTPASSES at Disneyland? Thank you!

        • FASTPASSES are similar in nature to “Return Tickets” and both are used at both parks.

          The “Return Tickets” or “FASTPASSES” for the Anna and Elsa meet-n-greet are at California Adventure. They are basically the same thing, however, the difference lies in that you may only pull one FASTPASS at a time. “Return Tickets” are for shows or meet-n-greets and you can typically pull other “Return Tickets” and FASTPASSES even though you pulled a Return Ticket already. Once you pull a FASTPASS, you may not pull another until the time on that pass has expired.

          More info on the system here:

  39. Hi,
    Is there Anna and Elsa in Disneyland. We purchased tickets for Thursday , May 21st and very sad to here that people say Anna and Elsa Frozen fun is in CA Disney Adventures.
    Hopefully there is Frozen in Disneyland too.
    Please let us know if you can

  40. With Frozen Fest closing, will we still be able to meet Elsa, Anna, and Olaf? Will it still be in the same place?

  41. Olaf’s Fun Fest is closing April 30 and we’ll be trying to meet Anna and Elsa on May 6. Any ideas what will be different?

  42. Thanks, Casey.

    This strategy is a lifesaver–so many guides are filled with information nervous parents don’t need. I just want to know where to go, when to go, to give my 3 year old the best chance of seeing her favorite “sisters”. And that’s exactly what you did here. We’re in Disneyland in 48 hours, so I’ll be going through a lot of your old posts between now and then.

    Thanks again.

  43. Hi i am planning on taking my 2 year old daughter in august, we do have the extra magic hour, and she loves elsa and anna, so with that said we are planning on doing breakfast with the princesses, should we stop and get the passes first then go, and should we go on the same day the DLR guests get there passes, or does that matter?

    • Hi, Dakota.

      I’ll be updating this post shortly – as soon as we learn how things will change when Frozen Fun officially ends May 15. Anna and Elsa will remain, I’m sure, but we don’t know yet how it will all work out. Stay tuned to this post and my facebook page for daily info.


      • Good day! Have you found out any more information on what is changing for Anna and Elsa as of the 15th? I’m headed to Disneyland for the first time with my six year old and my 3 year old (both girls) on the 18th!
        Thank you SO MUCH for all of this wonderful Disney info!

  44. Ok, I have a question. I just made reservation to eat at Storytellers cafe on May 12. at 8:15. It’s a tuesday morning. I am wondering if I should move my reservation so I can still get over to Animation Academy and get the Elsa and Anna return ticket? Do you have any advice?

    • I would put the return ticket retrieval before everything else. We went to the parks after Storytellers last week. 75 minutes after the park opened and the time to see Anna and Elsa was 1:40. So, you’ll get a ticket if you go a bit later, but your timing will likely be much later, too.

  45. we are planning a trip for October, will any of the frozen things be changing? We have a HUGE frozen fan. Thank u! Just found your posts and LOVE them! Thank you!!!

  46. This is beyond helpful, thank you so much! Planning on taking my 4 year old daughter the last week of March for the 1st time. I’m saddened by the news that we probably will not be able to get a return ticket to see Elsa & Anna because we are only able to go on a day that has the early morning hours for the resort guests:’-( Will this still be by then do you think?