Disney Gift Guide – For Holidays or Anytime

It’s time for gifts! I have some ideas for what to buy the Disney fanatic in your home.

Follow me to the land of bliss:

  • I don’t wear a lot of Disney clothes. Why? Because I go to the parks at least once a week and I like to keep my look fresh. But, if I could shop Disney clothes and wear something different every visit, the Practically Perfect in Every Way Shirt would be on my list:



  • What girl doesn’t like jewelry? I have 4 Alex and Ani bracelets and adore each of them. Stack them and collect them and they’ll never go out of style. I love the simplicity and the meaning behind each. And, they’re well priced between $40 and $50.
  • Here is the anniversary version, pictured below with other accessories, but you can find more options on Amazon. These bracelets are intended to bangle, but they’re not noisy and annoying. They’re just the right amount.



  • I bought this Mickey waffle maker for Shannon from WDW Prep School last year and I think she loved it.
  • I got her this one, but there are many more, as always, on Amazon. They have all sorts of options like Star Wars, The Death Star, Olaf, Minnie and more.



  • Candles with Character are Disney themed and smell so yummy! I’ve tried out several of them and love each one.


  • Disney Christmas ornaments are lifelong gifts. Write the year on the bottom of it if you don’t choose one with the year included. The parks are pretty much sold out of the 2015 versions, anyway, so Amazon is a good place to look for one if you missed it on your visit. They have many to choose from. Despite the lack of 2015, I like this one:


  • If you’re the ‘go big or go home’ type of gift giver, I suggest a Dooney and Bourke Disney edition bag. They’re well made and they don’t hang around in stores very long. There are many options on Amazon.
  • Here is what I like:


  • How gorgeous is she? Disney scarfs are beautifully made and can be turned into an impromptu wrap or even a cover for the stroller on sunny days. Find plenty on line.
  • Here is what I would choose. I love the subtle design.


  • Disney games are a great way to stop annoying relatives from talking too much. Consider a board game to keep people focused on an activity. That, or go to the movies where no one can talk at all. Choose a long one.
  • We haven’t tried this one, pictured, but might this year. Look for plenty more on Amazon. Side note: What did we do before Amazon? Shop for stuff in stores? I’m so confused.

A1ctSsVGiZL._SY355_****Moving slightly out of the Disney genre – but still related – I recommend buying comfy shoes as a gift. Here are my two favorites for the parks:

  • Minnetonka Moccasins – so comfy, suitable for warm or cold climates and they mold to your feet once broken in. Also, they’re well priced.


  • Keens – I prefer the Mary Jane variety, but they’re all good.


  • I’ll Be Your Mickey and Minnie Shirts – ADORE these.

Men’s Version

Women’s Version – not currently available online, but I’ve seen them in stores. I’ll link up here as soon as I see it.


  • I love seeing the puzzles set up at The Emporium on Main Street. This seems like a good present for the family for the holiday season. Kids are home from school. Give them something to do.



  • I was an avid reader and then I started a Disneyland site. This impedes my ability to read for fun now, but I’m not complaining. I did enjoy The Disneyland Book of Lists and recommend it due to its unique approach on providing interesting information on the parks. It’s by Chris Strodder, who wrote the Disneyland Encyclopedia, which is also good. Amazon has dozens and dozes more to choose from, too.


*****Finally, let’s venture out of the land of Disney and look at some every day gifts that can be super helpful in the park:

  • As you know, I’m a big fan of Rais Case. I just received my Chaser Tote and I’m already in love with it. For smaller options, try out their messenger bags. These are good for every day use and then at the parks, too. I wear mine cross body style and never take it off….even on rides. It works within the bar closure well. Best feature: butter soft leather and well appointed details.


  • Gift cards make everyone happy. Did you know you can purchase them on Amazon? I’ll take Sephora, Nodstrom and Target, please. Many of these cards can be emailed to you immediately or include one day shipping. Some even come in a nice gift box!


I think that will do it for now! Hope I gave you some ideas to choose from.

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  1. Miss talking to you and love your posts. Especially the ones encouraging me to buy things!!! I have the haunted mansion Dooney you featured as well as smaller version I got for my daughter who won’t use it but I love smaller rectangular one too. These are really nice bags. I love both! Liked your puzzle idea too! Hope all is well! Xo Melissa

  2. I have that black-and-white scarf and it is perfectly subtle. In fact I just wore it yesterday. And I can tell you that the 1000-piece puzzle is really hard! I got my BFF a Mickey mini-waffle maker from Kohls for Christmas.